Historia del proyecto

Located in Quinta do Lago neighborhood, this energizing space is a second home for our clients. The 356 sqm play host to a dynamic palette of vibrant color and pattern, representing the faraway travels of the globetrotting homeowners.

Taking inspiration from their travels around the globe, we pushed the boundaries of what is traditionally deemed complementary. There are few grounding neutrals in this space. Instead chartreuse and sapphire dazzle against mesmerizing patterns, in particular an eye-catching wallpaper that connects the living area to the kitchen.

The clients wanted to feel transported to another place as soon as they entered. They requested that every color had a “friend” in the space. This meant that if a color was used in one room, that same color had to be incorporated in another part of the home. We took a big risk in designing all the colorful pairs in an imaginative way. Luckily, the client deemed this risk a success!



Interior design, custom furniture, architecture finishes and fine art advisory.

Metros cuadrados:

89 m2


8 meses