Project history

The Manoel Guerreiro house, built in 1894, belonged for generations to the Guerreiro family, from the Algarve. It was a typical country home of a modest family where animals were raised and a life of farming and cultivation was made in the countryside, as it was a custom at the time.
Evening gatherings took place on stone benches along the road that divided the family home from the barn. You will see from the photos that this is now a long hallway that leads to the garden area.

Today the house belongs to a foreign family who knew how to value and love the beauty and the best that the Algarve has to offer.
They have always made a point of maintaining the personality and characteristics of the original home.


Construction works:

Carried out by the company's Mr. Leonel Charneca.


Executed by Leila Real Kitchens Space Projects


Emma Skystalker Photography